It's only right that my very first blog post cover the topic of rejection lol. I mean... it's life right. I just got married to my best friend, soul partner, lover and confidant a month ago, and it catapulted my drive and motivation to create more challenging goals in my life. I submitted an application to Georgia State University with hopes of getting accepted into their MPH program. Didn't get in....

But it's ok.. I won't stop trying. Plan to reach out to the admission department to see what I can improve on. That's the thing.. it's not about the rejection itself.. it's about how you react to it. I attached the letter here.. no shame. I have so much drive that I don't see anything stopping me right now. Although this feeling may fade when I have bad days, I want to be able to tap into my source quickly to regain my drive when it happens.

My first blog post is short... but it's exciting. I have an official electronic diary of sorts that I can share. The Most High speaks to us in our own uniqueness in way that only we can recognize it. I am ecstatic to be able to share some of these thoughts as I see fit.

Cheers to 29too life.


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