Falling in love with potential

My husband and I had an amazing conversation yesterday over brunch (our favorite meal fyi). We discussed past relationships.. Our mindsets at that time and our expectations during the time of these past relationships... It's amazing What type of revelations and conclusions you come to when you speak about your past and the trials you have been through.

I found myself so engaged in the conversation to the point that I was summarizing why I did certain things and moved the way I did at the time. It was as if I was looking into a reflection of my past and coming to terms with the amount of growth I have achieved.
I had fallen in love with potential...

In three different relationships. I had fallen in love with what they could be.. Not what they were. What they were at the time was not good for me.. Not motivating me.. Not molding me...not looking into long term moves..not bettering themselves. This caused frustration..hurt.. Disappointment... Anger and even resentment at times. Work.. Working to hard when a relationship should naturally flow ya know.You can't want something for your partner more than they want it for themselves. You have to believe who people are when they show you. What they do while they date you, will also be what they do when they marry you. All lessons learned the hard way. But thankful nonetheless.

Falling in love with potential can't be all bad right? I mean it shows that you know what you want. It shows you have a standard for what you deserve and desire... But what's a standard if you accept something less?



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