So Good

Y'all.... Life is so good right now. Bomb ass marriage, career, goal setting, seed sowing, hobbies forming, business starting, money stacking. It's all coming fill circle. At the age of 31 I understand so much more than I did at 20, 25, 29.. You get the point. After all.. Jesus didn't start creating waves until his 30s.
My eyes and heart are so open. Keep leading and I'll keep reaching..changing and growing.

I write this blog post from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 🇪🇹 Yep! Back in the motherland. I am so connected here I can't even explain it. I feel closer to purpose when I am here and learn something new about myself each time. I will stay forever grateful and humble to do what I love to do.

Lots of things in the works. I don't mind at all being a vessel.

29 to life


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