Vacation Aftermath

Ya''s been a min!

I just returned from an amazing vacation! 5 full days in Italy while touring 3 different cities...Naples (Napoli), Rome, and Amalfi. My husband and I were blessed enough to stay with his parents who have been living in Naples for the past year. We were really able to soak up the culture and take our time exploring the cities, eating the food, fellowshipping, and catching up. Upon returning to my everyday routine I found myself being super analytical about my routine and schedule.... why was I not looking forward to doing that when I got back...why was I thinking about this the entire time I was on was I able to not check in on this area of my schedule and routine and it functioned normally without me. It was like my mind was reset and no longer had the biases of habitual routine and schedules. I honed in on what things I really missed while I was away...what things I didn't miss, and what things I immediately felt drained when I thought about doing them.

What I was able to do was analyze areas that I felt I was using my purpose for...really putting in works and making a difference. I was also able to analyze areas that I was putting energy into and was not getting any energy back in return.

This is important....this is good to know. I realize that when they say you have to really and truly turn off everything on vacation and zone out, you have to do this in order to reset. You can't work on vacation because you really aren't tapping out of your won't be able to pull away and have the ability to analyze how you feel, what's important, or how it's feeding you, or properly evaluate the energy exchange. Let's just say I have some serious routine and schedule cleaning to do.

On the flip side of this, I used a few techniques to help me get back into my routine. Meal prepping, sleeping patterns, catching up on emails, and house maintenance. One thing at a time. Realize your body has to adjust and reset into that routine again so pace it. After all... when you break a habit or routine, it's almost like having to start again to set it. It's day 3 being back and I am still struggling a bit lol.

Travel plug: Our travel agent Adrian was She found us round trip flights to Italy out of NY for only $687.00! For both tickets! We were able to stay with family which saved on accommodation expenses. Mind you we spent that all on food, shoes, and wine. We had the time of our lives! Her email is below if you want to hit her up. Tell her the Jacksons sent you :).



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