What I have done with my time at home amid COVID-19 closingings

Espero que todos esten bien!

I hesitated putting COVID-19 in the title of this post as I didn't want to appear to be falling into the hype. Yes, it's happening, yes we should be keeping good hygiene practices and self care on our radars, and being mindful of others. In my opinion, we should be doing these things regularly anyways. I don't want to use this post to focus on the virus, but instead, how I intentionally used my free time now that my cray work schedule has come to a halt.
Often we say, "If I just had a few days off I can catch up"..."If I could work from home two days a week instead of one, I could get so much more done". Whelp, that time came and I was like, "Girl, what are you going to do?"

1. To start, I remembered how I have really been struggling with writing all of my business ideas down. I think of ideas mostly while sitting in traffic on my way to work (not on the way home as I am consumed with thoughts of debriefing and relaxing), while I am on vacation, or when meeting new people. It is good to have these ideas, but never writing them down robs you of the ability to really start the manifestation process. It is something about thinking it, writing it, and then saying it. Saying it, in my opinion, actually puts it into the universe and plants the seed.

2. The second thing on my wishful to-do-list, is catching up on school work. As quiet as it's kept, I have been in school since October. Whew, it's a lot but I am trying to stay focused and dedicated. You guys wish me luck! More to come on my school of choice and sharing how the schedule structure has been a blessing for me.

3. Last but not least, is my third layered to-do-list. This list is usually embedded deep within your daily thought process and often includes things like, "I need to give my grandmother a call and check on her", "I need to schedule time with my cousin who I haven't seen in a while." My family is so important to me but I struggle often with guilt and anxiety when it comes self assigned failure with keeping time and relationships with them in the forefront. Often the most meaningful to-do-list is pushed back into our minds the furthest because we always have so much going on. We have to keep up with every day life tasks while reaching for the next goal or step in "life's success ladder".

All that to say, always finding the silver lining is beneficial, a blessing, and progressive like mindset to have. You could spend your energy falling in to the fear traps, reading every COVID article and news release, or repurpose your energy into something that will be sustainable and intentional.

Let's get to work! Check my IG for tea dets 🍵



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