Bird's eye view of the bigger picture

Hi loves! 
I pray all is well and everyone and their families are faring ok and staying safe. This week has been great for my husband and I. I think The Most High every day for his blessings as my life has been extremely blessed during these times. More time with Him has kept us safe and in amazing spirits. I have enjoyed learning about myself! I could write a blog every day about how we are faring, but that would take away from the extra sprinkle we had on yesterday's activities. 
We have some amazing friends and business partners in Griffin, Ga (featured in my last them!) that have also been following public health guidelines and quarantining during COVID-19. After safe planning and practicing precaution, we decided to take a trip to see them in order to work on business plans and to fellowship. Two hours later, we are taking flights at the nearby airport. Crazy right! It's a very small airport so there was minimal to no contact with staff. We literally stood outside and walked out to the plane when it was ready to take off. How cool! 
Even better to have such a thrilling, and spiritually freeing experience (flying has always been very special to me and stimulates me spiritually... always great for my mental), we were able to do this safely and will return to our quarantine routines. Life is good, we are blessed, and enjoying the small reminders The Most High gives us to show we are loved, taken care of, and we were created to intentionally and lovelingy live. I never want to lose the ability to appreciate every breath of life He gives me. 



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