$1,000 Milestone on Poshmark

 Hello my tribe! I did it ya ll! 

I passed an amazing milestone on Poshmark. My first time making 1K off of reselling thrifted, consignment, and or my own used clothes and shoes. We all have stuff we have, and will only wear once. 

Now, if you are coming to my blog blog to read about how I did it in a week, a month, or even a year... I'll save you the time. Complete transparency, it took me over two years but I will tell you why. 

Consistency:  I joined the site in May of 2018 as recommendation and didn't take it seriously. This site needs love and your dedicated time each day to network, respond to comments and share the things that are in your store. If you think you can post and let it sit for days and weeks and it will sell.. not the site for you. You have to be active in sharing items from other seller's stores and joining Posh parties to share your merchandise. It's a community and works like any other when quality of your merchandise spreads by word of mouth. 

Photo creativity: Make your photos creative and fun! People love to see how the clothes and accessories can be styled or paired with other items. Using very attractive backgrounds, matching accessories and pops of color will go a long way. Make your photo attractive to you and it will be attractive to others. 

Strategic pricing!: I CANNOT stress this enough. Poshmark makes a 3% profit off of what you sell. Not only that, shipping costs also have to be factored into your store. For example, if I want to pocket $15 straight profit off of an item, I would have to post my item for a minimum of $20. This adds up when you think about how you can sell your times on IG for $20 out right and not have to worry about a third party. 

Don't stress about Poshmark Ambassador status: Being a Poshmark Ambassador is a big deal in the Poshmark community. It brings more attention to your store and places you in a different "bracket on Poshmark". But don't stress, I hit my 1K mark without even being a Poshmark Ambassador! As you can see from my photo below, I am super close but not there yet. All that to say, make the money, the perks will come. 

I hope this information is helpful on your Poshmark journey should you choose to venture on it. Sharing my Poshmark store link here: BrianaReeves72

Also, get a $10 credit for joining with my code below! Let's get sales together 💪




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