Baby boy's 1st birthday party!

 Hey family! 

Can you believe your internet nephew is already 1! Like where is the time going?! Our friends and family had a blast at his party, and I am excited to share the details with you all. 

First and foremost, delegating to my village made it all possible. Like seriously, we couldn't have pulled the party off without our friends and family helping. Life events set the planning back so that Monday before the party, we were scrambling! Thanks to all who pitched in and kept me sane. Now... let's get into the details!

Theme: We did a hip hop theme and had so much fun executing a cute version of Lil Wayne's "The Carter" album cover.

Decor: We did all of the decor ourselves via Staples for the banner, and amazon for everything else. Can we get into this balloon garland! The kit was purchased through amazon (Balloon Garland) and the letter box was also purchased through amazon (Letter Box). We actually were able to use some of the balloons from the garland to create the letter box. The records you see on the walls of our home were purchased from a seller we found on Letgo. Karter's grandma and papa showed out with the yard sign y'all. I mean... how cute is this?! The Card My Yard company is great, and they do all the set up and break down. Highly recommend! 


Food: My momma is the GOAT! We were definitely behind schedule so after reviewing prices from different places and not being able to find a caterer last minute, we knew we would be better off doing the food ourselves. My momma came through y'all with the wings and the meatballs (no pics of the greatness), and we used Publix for the fruit and vegetable platters. She also did her thing with the candy/goody bag table at the party. I mean look at the detail! Super cute and it was a hit with the kids. 


Cake: Let's get into this cake! My girl never misses. I was looking forward to enjoying my first Slice of Heaven experience and she did not disappoint. We simply gave her the size we needed, color scheme, and theme info and she did amazing. Yall be sure to check her out and show her some love (Cake vendor).  


Entertainment:  Even though our little guy is only 1, we knew that we still had to have some form of entertainment for older children attending the party. Once again, amazon did not disappoint! We found the most adorable and inexpensive jump house that fit perfectly in the garage, it was a hit! (Jump house). And what's a party without a little libation. Of course, we had cocktails and can beverages for the adult party goers. 


Shirts: I mean, what's a party at our house without matching apparel. Of course, my company Bristepsforward provided the matching shirts for the parents and grandparents.


First birthday tips: Thank you family for providing the party tips for baby boy! Scheduling the party around his nap time was so clutch. He mixed and mingled the entire time without being fussy. He even clapped and laughed along with everyone singing him happy birthday. And for parents prepping for their big 1 party, be prepared for their sleep pattern to be off a bit if they stay up all day. Baby boy didn't go to bed until almost midnight that night. We blame the constant stimulation and sugar intake lol. And lastly, having the party at home was so much better than renting an event space (thank y'all for pushing up in that direction). The intimacy and fellowship environment we were able to create in our own home was unmatched. 

Hope y'all enjoyed the post! 



  1. Thanks for sharing this was an awesome first party and a great family gathering. I just got to get one of his hot releases. When are the singles coming out?? Or did he do an whole album?? Love ❤️ you Breezy and Kourtney + Karter


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