I won't do your basic goal setting post for the new year but instead reflect on my clearer vision. 2017 has cleared my vision.. Purpose.. And intent. I plan to be intentional with my actions, my work, my love, my conversations, my donations, my time, my money and my prayers.

2017 has allowed me to experience the power of love and the human mind. We as followers of the Most High have so much power to evoke change and improvement in the lives of so many. We can't let it go to waste. As his chosen one I have the ability to spread knowledge and love to everyone I come in contact with. With every email, text, phonecall, hug, moment of eye contact, and exchange... you share your internal vibes and energy. Will you be exchanging good or bad moving forward?

For me... 2018 has to be ready for me. I can no longer be contained. Lets get it....walking into 2018 like 😁


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