What's left

Death has always been something I fear. Not only my own death but those around me. Today I learned that a fellow CDC employee was found dead after weeks of being missing. My initial thoughts are... Damn this hits home... What happened... What were his last minutes of life like... Did someone kill him... What was he thinking... What is left of him?

What's left? Who did he know.. Talk to..invest in.. Love.. Build..teach.. So many people he touched in his short 35 years of life. That's what's left. Not his physical things.. But the people... The feelings..his spiritual and emotional investments. That's what we leave.. That lasts. So what am I leaving? What am I investing..building.. Loving.. Teaching .. Spreading. It's deep and a hard subject to talk about. Death that is.. But you have to have an intentional mindset to be able to leave a legacy behind. I am interested in learning more about him and becoming more intentional with my own life works.

The Most High makes no mistakes. Rest well Timothy Cunningham.



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