Crazy month

It's a month since I have posted and what a month it has been. I have celebrated, discovered new strengths, cried, have been confused, and even played around with the word depression... In the same month I have celebrated a one your anniversary, lost a grandparent, struggled with morning, settled into a new job, and questioned my earthly purpose and works. All of these emotions come with purpose .. I know that.. It's just a matter of what to do with them. As they say.. It's not how you fall it's how you get back up. 

So in light of April's journey... I have posted a slew of pictures to summarize my mental struggles and accomplishments. So very fortunate for all of it has made me stronger. We cannot better without changes, challenges, and hardships. Cheers to the month of May and what it has to offer. 

-BJ 29toolife


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