This random day that influences us to think about mothers

Mother's Day can be good and bad. Good if you love your mom, y'all are besties, close in relationship, and have no conflicts. Bad if your mom has transitioned, you guys have no relationship, conflict is common, and neither of you have forgiveness towards the other for past situations. For me... It was a combination of both this year. One thing I always remember is to be open... Open for change.. Resolution and growth. No things aren't perfect but that's the thing.. There is a thing. I have a mother... I actually have a relationship to work on which so many others don't. People have transitioned from the lives of so many erasing any chance to fix conflict or issues. Is that my main motivation for having this mindset, hmmm yes... Perhaps? For things will continue to resurface if they have not been resolved. Unresolved conflict will continue to arise... 
So if Mother's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Father's Day, New Years, etc. brings upon unsettling thoughts or unfinished business... Dive into it. Face it front and center. Intentionally though.. With the intent of clarity, love, and understanding. I chose to do that. Will it work? Maybe .. Not focused on that at the moment. Just soaking up how good it feels to be obedient, spread my joy, love, and do my part to control what I can. Cheers to new beginnings and love.



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