Established Intentions

I am impatient, big-hearted, sensitive, insecure, hard working, devoted, dedicated, loving, spontaneous, loved, committed, searching, analytical, attracted... I am learning and searching as well.

One thing I am slowly learning to do is to be intentional. With my actions, my feelings, my work, my love, my passion, and with establishing myself in general. When you meet someone for the first time be intentional about your energy, your demeanor, your vibes, and your words. Taking that one second to analyze how that person will receive you allows you to perfect it to your liking. You can even apply this to relationships, work, and personal projects.

Established intentions..establish (set up on a firm or permanent basis; achieve permanent acceptance or recognition for) intentions (a thing intended; an aim or plan)

What's your plan? How are you working towards your plan? What are your intentions? Are you letting the hardships of the world affect your intentions?

Stand firm my loves. It is our life's desire that our purposes align with our intentions... Then... you are unstoppable and backed by The Most High.


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