Hanging around kids stirs up so many different emotions for me. I want their interactions with me to me memorable... I want them to feel I relate to them.. I understand.. I want to show patience and most of all love. The pressure on the shoulders of our children is great. Their mindsets, feelings, thoughts, and passions will shape our future by the decisions they make. They are like sponges that are constantly seeking explanations for how they feel.. What they see...and what they want. Serving as an adult.. We involuntarily are responsible for the answers. We are their teachers.. Friends.. Confidants.. Sources of love strength and understanding. Even more importantly we can serve as their understanding of The Most High. Crazy to think that a child's mindset and understanding their way of thinking gets you closer to The High Power...while at the same time reminding the children that their existence is what keeps you connect to that same power.
As I entertain thoughts of embarking on the motherhood journey.. I brace myself. It's so much responsibility and obligation. I hope I fulfill the role as well as the mothers around me have.



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