New Chapter

Guys... My boss at CDC is leaving. Don't get me wrong...I am more than supportive of her decision because it's for the best and I truly believe it's supposed to be. But of course I am selfish and want her to stay so I can continue to soak up her loving energy, mentorship and effortless guidance.
She is a true gem in the realm of public health and we need more like her. She leads with both her experience and truthful heart and it shows. She trusted me to grow, make mistakes and challenged me to do my best. I mean... I went to Africa 3 times! My first international trips as an adult. Crazy right?! Her leadership is so good it forces me to pay it forward in anyway I can. She has helped create a dedicated, hard working, trust worthy, passionate public health employee who knows for a fact she can change the world.

Love you Heena!


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