I stay finding new projects to do

My husband knows my "can't stay still syndrome" is a blessing and a curse. I honestly don't feel productive unless my schedule is packed. Any who, that's an entirely different blog post.

I want to share my latest project with you guys!

As you know, masks are recommended when outside your home during these unprecedented times and many people are either making them or buying them online. I took note of this and made my own makeshift mask with a bandanna and kept it moving. Shortly after, a good friend of mine shared that she was seeking donations for a mask making project she was doing. She was making them for healthcare workers in her home state of Florida and Emory workers here in Atlanta. Shortly after I donated and began to share the great work she was doing, it grabbed the attention of my aunt who expressed need for masks at her work place. I said, "self... this is your new project". That's when this journey officially began LOL. Mind you.. never have sewn anything in my life. Maybe done a stitch or two but that's it. Even my dad was like, "so you sew?" LOL. None the less, I was set out to do this. I took the below steps to make it happen.

 1. Ordered a majority of my materials from Etsy. Started off with Joann Fabrics but they were quickly selling out of everything. I refused to go to the store in person so resorted to online ordering from Etsy and Joann to have everything delivered. Here is my material list: Floral wire, quilter's cotton fabric, double fold bias tape, good quality thread and of course a sewing machine and needles (emphasis on plural for the needle because I def broke one throughout this process). Happy to share the Etsy stores I used upon request. There are some great small business owners out there!

2. Now for the sewing machine, I didn't have one at home so made a quick, safe, and entertaining trip to my mom's house to pick it up. Enjoy or Color Purple skit to see how we felt about the social distancing requirements LOL. 

3. Look at this beauty! Mind you, my mother is a shopper. Like... a professional bargain shopper. She has had this bad boy since 2003. Yes... 17 year old sewing machine damn near in brand new condition. It still had the Styrofoam casing over it. Still had manual, needles, and starter thread for me to get started. So you are thinking, how did she know how to make the masks? My friend shared an awesome YouTube tutorial video that I studied. Trust, it took many, many, many trials to learn how to use the machine. It is electric with a foot peddle so you can imagine the trials and tribulations my fingers and patience suffered. LOL. 

4. YouTube video link: Bias Tape Surgical Mask
This video is great and makes the steps easy to understand. I'll spare you guys the rough masks and the fabric I destroyed and just show the beautifully finished ones I will be delivering tomorrow. Even a nice picture of my fine self in one.

I had so much fun learning a trade skill and making a difference. Very rewarding and has definitely helped pass the time being at home a lot more often. Stay safe out there folks. XOXO



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