This random day that makes us think about fathers

Man... I love my Daddy. Like.. On some best friend... Wanna share all the news... Love unconditionally....set my standards for my husband type deal. He is the perfect balance for my inherited impatient, need to know everything, controlling, and insecure personality traits. He is calm, collective, cool, patient, and analytical. I can talk to my Daddy about anything. No fear of judgment, criticism, demeaning, or guilt. He has broad, open minded,  and wide views of the world.. Has seen so much and been through so much. His guidance helps me motivates more than he could ever realize. I love his story and feel so blessed to be a part of it. I feel the prayers and energy he put into asking The Most High to bless our relationship as he found himself, committed to correcting his mistakes, and bettered himself. Daddy I love you. Our story is perfect and I can't wait to see the roll you play as a grandfather. Just know the title won't ever cramp your style. 😎😘


- BJ


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