Virtual check ins

Hello family! I hope and pray everyone is faring well. I for one have viewed this time as a blessing in disguise. Everyone's testimony to how they have been coping will be different but mine is, and will continue to be, reflective, slow, and intentionally paced.

My schedule was so hectic from day to day, I honestly became concerned during this shutdown about how I was coping all this time. The energy I put into both jobs, my marriage, my friends, family, and myself. Prioritizing that list each day, each week, each month, can get draining and can easily become half-assed (my mom used to use that term in reference to how poorly I would clean a room or bathroom lol).

I can vocally say, if you aren't using free to time to find the silver lining in life right now, you aren't using it wisely. We are forced to be still for a reason. That reason is often so far from ourselves that there is no way we can be the center of it. These thoughts, these projects, these nagging "hey you need to work on this" voices are there for a reason. Act on them now.

Now, for a more real component of this blog post, I will be transparent in sharing that I did in fact fall into the fear. Not fear or dying, but fear of my life being completely different than what it was months ago. Like, I just got into my groove for both jobs, getting promoted, networking... I don't want all this hard work to go away. I need it to be just like it was before the world stopped due to COVID-19. Hmph. Who am I to be that selfish? Truly believe it's for a reason. Once you know how to excel and build an empire, that skill is yours forever. It won't matter what circumstance or environment you use it in. Your security shouldn't be within the medium you excel, but the power of knowing you can excel no matter what medium you are in. In more plain terms, my job isn't responsible for me doing well, it's the confidence and work ethic I posses. The mind is the most powerful yet complicated tool we have.

During this quarantine, I have turned a few hours in the back yard into my "mental vacation time". When I am in the backyard in the sun reading, it's my vacation. I am just in the backyard physically, but my mind has been trained to treat that as my escape. We can use this in so many aspects of our lives. It's just scratching the surface. I have found ways to better connect with family and friends. I am currently online with my family. Shout out to Google Hangout.

P.S. Peep the nails in my photo. Smh. Struggle is real but until it's safe, I'll be looking rough and country at the house with my worn computer.

Stay safe, steady, and inspired my friends. 



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